Our Mission

Jeremiah and I (Josh) have a passion for extraordinary small businesses in small towns across Michigan, especially the UP. We noticed in our small town of Hastings, Michigan, that unbelievable local businesses have little online exposure, few websites, and in many cases are simply “unknown gems”. We began looking online at some of our families’ favorite cities, and realized the same was true for those as well.

We thought “why not help other businesses in great towns that we love all across Michigan?” So Jeremiah and I decided to build ShopMunisingMi.com, ShopStIgnaceMi.com, ShopSaultSteMarieMi.Com, and ShopUpperMi.com, to help others find the great shops, activities, and local services the UP has to offer. We’ve got a vision for more towns across the UP and upper Michigan, but this is our start.

We hope you like the site, and we hope your 2023 season is the best it’s ever been!

Support ShopMunisingMi.com?

We’d love to partner with you to make it easy for out-of-towners to find great products and services in Munising. There are no subscription fees, payment plans, contracts or membership fees, we work off of gifts and advertisement alone. If this site has helped you, your family, or your business enjoy Munising just a little bit more, please consider supporting us.

If you are interested in advertising, head over to our Upper Peninsula Advertising page to learn more. We’d love to showcase your business as a featured business on our home page, or partner with you to find just the right spot for your content.