Munising MI Weather

There are things to do year-round, but with Lake Superior to the north, Munising MI weather and seasonality can impact what you and your family might want to do. Below you’ll find a 7-day forecast, a snow map, and tips for things to do each season.

7-day Forecast


Snow Map

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snow depth legend


In the Spring, things are starting to warm up. For tourists, most of the seasonal businesses and restaurants don’t open until May, but some of the local services and activities are available.

If you are early enough in the season, and Munising MI weather permits, you may still be able to visit Valley Spur for skiing, or the Lake Superior Ice Cave Tours for a family hike. It will be quieter in town due to the weather, but still a great experience for an out-of-towner.


During the summer months everything is open from state parks to gift shops, to pontoon boat rentals. Visit some of the nearby attractions by land or by water including waterfalls, and the beautiful Pictured Rocks. Take your family on Pictured Rocks Cruises, or head over to the Alger Centennial Ice Arena for ice-skating and indoor activities.


When summer is over and fall starts to set in, take a scenic color drive to see the fall colors, or enjoy kayaking out to Pictured Rocks. It might be a little cold, but the sites and colors are worth it! Late in the fall, as winter sets in, things begin to slow down. If you are thinking about visiting, check out Munising MI Weather above, pick an activity or two and a place to stay, and then come enjoy all of the things Munising has to offer.


Winter sports and outdoors are happening all winter long. From Snowmobile rentals, to Skiing at Valley Spur, or hiking at Lake Superior Ice Cave Tours, there’s something to do for the outdoorsman and their family or friends. While some of the restaurants and tourist attractions are closed, you can still stay busy outside or find a relaxing cabin or bed and breakfast to hunker down in.